An educational training company aims at a know-how and an individualized knowledge supplemented by teachers.

Our competence is the professional training of young people in the tertiary sector. It is a training and orientation tool for the updating of professional skills. This allows to acquire new professional and personal knowledge.

This educational training company looks like a real business, except the actual delivery of products. It offers the possibility of an experience. Thanks to this one the student can choose his orientation with more reflection and better perceive the usefulness of the various jobs of the tertiary sector in the global operation of the company.

The partners of Les Douceurs Vendéennes are:

  • Cafés Albert : This is a company that sells coffee and coffee machines
  • Europa Sweet :
  • Pur Bonheur : sells creamy spreads thanks to their Brittany fresh cream and natural because without palm oil, without artificial aroma or artificial coloring
  • Confiserie Bonté : sells confectionery (sweets, chocolates)