Interview of an American assistant

After the research on Christmas in USA, we interviewed Jeff an American assistant. We ask him some questions to get more information on this event in the USA.

Firstly, we have asked for details on the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree.

In Chicago, the Christmas decoration is mainly made of the light in garden, the Christmas tree and the candles on windowsills.

We install the Christmas tree just the day after thanksgiving.

Next, we asked him if the decorations in the films were the same in reality. He said to us “yes” particularly in some avenues which are much decorated.

Secondly, we talked about the difference between Christmas and Thanksgiving.

For Jeff, Christmas is very different from Thanksgiving .He prefers Thanksgiving because it is more relax but there are no gifts.

Them, we asked him what was the difference of Christmas tradition between Chicago and Cleveland.

In Chicago, there are Christmas markets and an ice rink in downtown but in Cleveland there are fewer thing organized because it is a smaller city.

To finish, as regards the weather in Chicago it is very cold, there is a lot of Wind and sometimes snow.