Around 270, a Christian priest named Valentin. Defender of love and marriage would have died on February 14th. He was killed by Claude II for consecrating Christian marriages in hiding. The emperor had forbidden these marriages by noting that the Christians, once married, refused to engage in military legions so as not to leave their families.

This date, February, 14th, is famous for being the date of the St Valentine’s Day. This day, since the Middle Ages, in the English aristocracy, a young girl and a young boy were gathered, and became “Valentines”. They had to be nice, and secretly gave presents to their Valentines. Today, the English’s couples send cards called “Valentines”. In these cards, there is a poem, or sweet words. In England, Valentine’s is also a way to thank your friends for supporting you all year long.

Feast of lovers:

Since 1496, Valentine’s Day is officially the Patron Saint of Lovers, by order of Pope Alexander VI. At that time, this feast was especially applied to singles who were looking for soul mates. Different customs existed in different regions, such as hide-and-seek or single girls in a village hiding while single men set out to find them. The first “valentine letter” was sent by Charles Duke of Orleans in the fifteenth century during the war in England. From 1600 onwards the English began to send their own letter and took off in 1840.

Today is the most celebrated holiday, after Christmas, in Britain and the United States.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated between spouses, but it is also common for a gift to be exchanged between grandchildren and grandparents, or friends.

Example of nature:

According to popular belief, the observation of nature means the date of February 14 as the perfect day to coo. Indeed, the season of love in birds would begin on this date! Then we can hear again the song of tits, blackbirds, robins and finches that hitherto winter cold silenced. It would be thus by taking example on the birds that the love is of actuality on Valentine’s Day: in mid-February we are already starting to wait for the beginning of the spring and to make plans for the beautiful season. This increase in morale encourages idyls, naturally…

The symbols of Valentine’s Day that we know (cupid, roses, heart …) were mainly imposed at the beginning of the twentieth century on pretty colorful cards that enjoyed great popular success.


In the United States, especially in New York, every showcase, every display, every florist, every restaurant has the colors of soft pink, white and red. And as in each one of us is sleeping a great romantic.

Getting married on February 14: What’s more original than celebrating your wedding on the 80th floor of the Empire State Building? This is what BSE offers for couples getting married on Valentine’s Day, becoming members of the Empire State Building Wedding Club. To do this, send a letter of motivation, and register before October 31st for February 14th of the following year.


There is a purely symbolic tradition that says that the first person of the opposite sex accidentally crossed in his path may be his Valentine for the day. Nothing obligatory, but it is possible for the guest to dine or offer him a small gift.


We celebrate lovers on January 25th with a funny tradition: treat yourself to “Love spoon”. Couples offer wooden spoons or engraved hearts. They also offer small gifts symbolizing love such as padlocks with or without keys … (so cute?)


Big atmosphere and big parties for Valentine’s Day in South Africa: Dinners, balls and long nights in discotheques on the program! South Africans also continue an old tradition that that day, women pin on their sleeves the name of their darling.


Sainte-Brigitte will find St. Patrick to ask permission for women to ask the men in marriage. She then invokes the fact that they sometimes have to wait too long before being proposed in marriage. St. Patrick allows them to take the lead once every seven years. But Sainte-Brigitte, unsatisfied, clings and gets a permit for leap years from St. Patrick’s every four years. Thus, on February 29, women can ask for their mate!


If you want to seriously offend an English girlfriend that you have the good fortune to woo, show you goujat: ignore Valentine’s Day, do not send him any card on February 14th. Valentine’s Day is not a joke in England, where this rite of love came from.


A few weeks before the party, the city is decorated for Valentine’s Day. D-Day, everyone wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day. the population even make cakes shared with colleagues and they are delivered flowers in the office. In Australia, declarations are more “public”. The pairs offers bouquets in the street and they don’t hesitate, in restaurants, to play on slightly honeyed offers of the type “special menu for two for Valentine’s Day”.